2022 March Madness Pool

Join the fun and pick your brackets and support our cause:

Here is the link: https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/8915/invitation?key=376123affa3ea82f

In case it is needed the ID# is 8915 and the PW is ElevateBBall22

Game Play Details

• Each Bracket will cost you $20 which you can send via Venmo at @Steve-Lassman. If you do not have Venmo, let him know and we’ll set up another way to pay
• To play – Please click on the link below
• https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/8915/invitation?key=376123affa3ea82f
• You will need to create or use your existing Yahoo account – it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds
• Watch your emails using your new or existing yahoo account for confirmation and notifications from the Yahoo Fantasy Sports page.
• You can start to select your brackets after Selection Sunday in the evening or Monday morning as the first game will be next week Thursday, so be sure to get your selections in before then
• You receive points for every correct selection. The further into the tournament, the more points your correct selections are worth. The person with the most points at the end will split the pot 50/50 with the BSLSF.

Thanks for playing